Big House, Big Energy

The “Big House” circa 1929

Having the same dream with someone is probably one of THE coolest experiences you can ever have or think to have. A lot of us have probably heard a story from someone we know about the experience…maybe some of us have even experienced that ourselves. When it does happen, it seems like the biggest validation of connection and even confirmation of some other dimension/parallel reality where we can share experiences with people from our waking life. Kinda gives you goosebumps, huh?

Last night was the closest I’ve come to that experience.

There were some factors working in favor of my partner and I sharing a common dream theme. First, I had received Reiki energy healing earlier that afternoon. That always has me pretty vulnerable to energy in general after a session.

Additionally, the Sun has officially entered Aquarius. (Yay!!) This is my natal Sun sign and the natal Moon sign of my partner. The Moon was in Libra last night: the natal Sun sign of my partner. Also noting the Moon had just traveled over into my 2nd House: the house of possession, material, desire, and value.

So, as I am asleep in bed last night, I am woken up by my partner talking in his sleep…funny because it’s usually me talking or yelling. He isn’t screaming, but he does sound alarmed or urgent. So, I reach over with my left hand and just place it on his arm until he wakes up. As he comes back to waking life, he tells me that he was having a dream about a spirit that was echoing everything he was saying. He says, “I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t woken me up!” He’s obviously shaken by whatever was happening.

I fall back asleep and begin to dream about the big house. My partner is there as well as a group of several other people. We are in the bedroom upstairs—the one where I slept as a child. There are some cats I don’t recognize in there; they are trying to get to the back of the closet but can’t. My partner says he is waiting for some kind of possessed toy to leave.

Later in the dream, my partner hands me a bag. Inside the bag is a closed box with whatever is possessed inside of it. It’s moving around all crazy. I grab the bag from him and quickly throw it away!

Then I wake up.

This morning, as we are talking, my partner tells me about his dream that I woke him from in the middle of the night. He says he dreams about a big southern mansion. He and a group of people are outside on the porch when they hear a spirit echo what they are saying. My partner starts to repeat the same thing over and over, and the echo continues. So, he starts to follow the voice. He says something; the spirit echoes. He walks around the side of the house—the house has big bushes along the driveway, just like the big house in my dreams. He hears the echo again. It’s coming from underneath the house. There is no basement, only wooden slats underneath. He sees a flash of a clown, and then I wake him up.

As creepy as the whole possessed toy/clown theme is…what really strikes me is that both our dreams seem to take place at the big house. And, no surprise, they both involve some kind of spirit. If you’ve read some of my other posts, you know the big house is a common dream location for me. So, I’m going to explain a little more in depth.

The “big house” is the house in Louisiana where I lived as a child. I was the third generation to grow up there. My great-grandfather purchased the house in 1928. The picture featured along with this post is actually a picture of the big house around 1929—during an unprecedented snowfall for the area. The woman in the picture is my grandmother. She passed away in 2001.

My parents and I moved into the house around 1988, when I was just 2 years old and my sister was still in my mom’s belly.

I’ve had countless, inexplicable experiences in this house my entire life: electronics constantly glitching and/or just quit working, whispering in my ear, doors slamming, moving objects, that eerie feeling of constantly being watched, and obviously…some very vivid dreams. It is interesting to point out that on more than one dream occasion, when a passed-away loved one visits me, they show up in the big house. See my A Visit from the Other Side post.

As creepy as I’m making out this house to be, it’s still my childhood home. It’s a very special place to me, and I’ve been processing the energy there my entire life. It seems that when something significant happens there, I have a dream about it, despite being hundreds of miles away now. See the end of my Lost and Found post. Likewise, when something significant is happening in my dream world, it will often take place in the big house.

When you take a more psychological approach—houses in dreams are classic metaphors for the personality. Each room symbolizes a different significance of how we got to who we are today. Some rooms can hold repressed memories, trauma, dark fears, as well as forgotten aspirations, hopes, and desires.

What rooms do you visit in your dream house? What do they represent for you?

You can take note of important elements during your house dreams. Are the doors to some rooms open or closed? Why?

Are you going downstairs—diving deeper into the subconscious? Or are you traveling upstairs—asking a question from your higher self?

Does your house have windows? Are you able to reach the fresh air? A fresh perspective?

If something is haunting your house, what room is it in? Who else is with you, and why?

All of these questions will lead you closer to revealing the meaning behind your dream experiences. And it’s not unheard of for those closest to us to share some part of a dream experience when we share so much waking life experience together.

Spiritually, we can elevate this approach and apply the house metaphor to not only our own specific personality but also to our entire foundation and being. This includes our ancestry and past lives. We can travel through our house, through all the nooks and crannies and secret passageways, to discover even more parts that complete the whole. We are not just who we consciously think we are—we are much more. Our past, our family’s past, the ancient energy pulsing through our bodies: all of this is inside each of us. And for many of us, our path is leading us to heal ancestral wounds.

Use the house to find your way through the darkness. Use the portal. Remember that you are the light.

Dig deep, and share what you remember with those you love! You might just be surprised.

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