Births & Brujas

I am lying in bed asleep. My partner is out of town, so it’s just me in the bed. I keep waking up over and over this night. Every time I wake up, the tops of my legs are tingling as if they had been asleep. In the moment, this puzzles me because I cannot figure out why just the tops of my legs keep falling asleep.

It’s as if something, or someone, is sitting on them.

I finally fall asleep. I dream that a witch is standing in front of me and casting some type of spell over my throat chakra. She is nearly scratching it with her fingernails.

I jolt awake! I’m lying on my back–and I NEVER sleep on my back–completely sideways in the bed. My legs are tingling. And my breath is audibly raspy, like I am gasping for air.

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Crossing Over: Grief to Lucidity

I process painful grief from a recent loss. I wake up screaming twice in one week. I use the process of grieving and nightmares to successfully trigger a lucid dream that brings me a unexpected sense of peace.

“…I am sitting on the floor in the bedroom with my hands under some bed covers. The spirit’s hands come through the covers and grab onto my hands. Its nails sink deep into my knuckles, easily slicing through my skin. I can literally feel this in my dream, and it hurts.
In a super low, super creepy voice, I wake myself up clearly screaming, ‘Take them out!’
I check my phone, and it’s exactly 4:01 a.m. My hands hurt so badly that I can barely move them…”

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Retrograde Reruns

Retrograding motion in the cosmos brings me a nightmare, and I wake up screaming. I process the trauma of losing my loved ones, the great protectors. I commit to holding space for my pain and grief.

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