This Is My Home

Photo Copyright 2021: Christine Bradley

The Big House is apparently taking a stronger lead and more initiative in my dreams since the last post…

Last night, I begin dreaming of the blue house that’s across the street from the Big House (a little strange). They are doing a big remodel in there. The house is very haunted, but they are still trying to sell it. I’m talking to the remodel crew.

I tell them, “Let me tell you a story…” And I begin to tell them about the young woman who lived there when I was child.

“I used to cross the street and visit this place just to play dolls with her. Sometimes she would babysit me. She died tragically in a car accident before she was even an adult, and her parents never fully recovered from the incident. So, they sold this house soon after that.”

Then, I am sitting on the porch of the little house with my partner. I am talking about the Big House being haunted. I say that I am not afraid anymore.

We go next door to the Big House, and I am singing so loudly—like literally scream-singing. I sing something about there being no more darkness, that I’m not afraid, and I will find my way. Then I scream-sing, “ I am the light! This is my home!”

I know that I am talking in my sleep at this point because my mouth is hard to open and move. I start screaming even louder.

Different energies and several entities begin to move along the walls and around the ceiling. They begin to clear out of the house after my song.

Then, it begins to pour rain.

It starts raining inside the house.

In the dining room downstairs, there’s some type of wall in the center of the room where the rain is really pouring in. I grab buckets and try to catch some of the water.

Details get a little fuzzy here, but I finally come across the little boy spirit who is roaming the house. He is so young and pale. He’s carrying a toy with him. I lead him to the back door of the sun parlor. He’s not angry or scary; he’s just lost. I open the door to the outside to let him free.

Before he walks away, I ask him about the last spirit in the house. He says she is upstairs. Her name is Francine.

My partner and I walk into the kitchen and look out the bay window. Suddenly, outside, there are tons of beautiful cypress trees like in a swamp. My partner comments, “Isn’t it so nice how many trees are in the backyard now…”

As we leave the kitchen, the house turns pitch black. All the electricity is out. I try to flip every switch downstairs—nothing. We walk upstairs, and everything is still black as night. No light switches work. The energy is heavy and dark and cold.

I’m scared.

Then, my partner and I are lying in bed in the master bedroom upstairs. I look over at my partner. He has headphones in. He’s tossing and turning and flailing around. He’s shouting “No! No! No!”

He looks at me and says, “That’s what you are doing right now.”

And I wake up.

When I come back to waking life, I’m super sweaty in the bed. As I start to move around, my partner tells me that it sounds like I’m having crazy dreams over there. (He knows not to wake me up if I start talking or yelling because I don’t want him to interrupt the progress.)

He says when I first started talking in my sleep, I woke him up. He says he felt a weird presence in the room but fell back asleep once I quieted down.

He rolls back over to go back to sleep.

I hear someone whisper “No…”

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