Births & Brujas

Photo Copyright 2022: Christine Bradley, “Devil’s Punchbowl”

I’ve had so much going on recently, the dream blog has taken a bit of a backburner for me. I’m currently working on a novel (yay!), and much of my energy is going towards that endeavor. The novel can probably best be described as surrealist fiction–with the very appropriate working title “Too Many Things.” It’s all very comparable to my personal dreamworld and, in fact, features many of my real dreams.

I’m also starting a new blog just for poetry: Swamps to Mountains. And would love for you to check it out.

There’s been no shortage of action in my personal dreamworld lately. And most of the action can be attributed to what it has felt like working on this novel: both chaotic and cathartic.

Recently, I dream that I am giving birth to twins. I deliver one baby with no issue, but the other baby is stuck inside my birth canal. It’s incredibly painful, and I can actually feel the little one jammed inside my body. The pressure is immense.

Suddenly, the scene shifts, and I am in a school-type location, like a college or something. The baby is still stuck inside me. There is an active shooter, a woman, in the area. She is hunting me. I try hiding in a sewing/needlework class, but she finds me there. I sneak away and make it outside the building. I lose the shooter for a moment.

I keep running from her, but it’s difficult because I am in so much pain with the baby. I try running backwards, but it doesn’t help. It’s as if I am running through thick mud.

It becomes night outside. I find a place to hide in the corner of a parking lot underneath some trees. A lady stops in her truck and dumps her white, fluffy, curly-haired dog. I feel horrible for the dog! It runs over to me, and we hide together.

Then, a big truck with two guys drives by us. I see them see me, and I know it isn’t safe to hide there anymore. I start to run, so painfully, again.

I call my partner to come and pick me up. I need to finish giving birth in a safe place, but I am struggling to figure out where I am.

I walk in front of a building, and a guy who wants to hurt me is there. He gets on top of me–I’m on my stomach on the ground. He touches me, and I can feel the baby inside of me. A group of people stand around watching. I start screaming, “He’s touching me! He’s touching me!”

But no one in the group of people does anything. They just stand there and watch.

I finally escape from the man and run away.

And I wake up.

Pretty intense–definitely chaotic. I wake up sweating in the bed, and it takes a while to fall back asleep after that one.

I know the baby represents my novel in this dream. I had been struggling with what direction to go, and this dream, dark as it is, is a great metaphor for that feeling. I had even recently tried writing after having a few drinks, and it reminds me of the man who pins me down and tries to force himself on me. I can’t force it. I have to stop running from what scares me, and I have to write exactly that.

I also have to note that the Moon was in Capricorn this night. Traditionally, this sign rules the 10th house: the house of work and career. In my personal chart, the sign of Capricorn falls between the 4th and 5th houses. The 4th house rules family. The 5th house rules children and artwork (aka anything we create). So, I like to think that the Moon was supporting this dream revelation.

Now, for the Bruja–the witch who visited my dreams a few nights ago.

I am lying in bed asleep. My partner is out of town, so it’s just me in the bed. I keep waking up over and over this night. Every time I wake up, the tops of my legs are tingling as if they had been asleep. In the moment, this puzzles me because I cannot figure out why just the tops of my legs keep falling asleep.

It’s as if something, or someone, is sitting on them.

I finally fall asleep. I dream that a witch is standing in front of me and casting some type of spell over my throat chakra. She is nearly scratching it with her fingernails.

I jolt awake! I’m lying on my back–and I NEVER sleep on my back–completely sideways in the bed. My legs are tingling. And my breath is audibly raspy, like I am gasping for air.

It’s a super creepy scene, no doubt.

However, I’m less freaked out by the experience than you would expect. I kind of love that the witch is working on my throat chakra–the chakra that rules communication and presentation to the outside world.

Soon after the experience, I realize exactly how to end my novel. And I finish it.

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