New Developments!

Photo Copyright 2021: Christine Bradley

I’ve been searching for a reason to post again since my first entry, and last night’s experience definitely gave me some interesting inspiration…

No surprises here—I have been known to do strange things in my sleep. When I was younger, I would often just talk out loud or sometimes wake up from a falling dream still in that same position.

As I get older, the things I do get a little stranger. For instance, I sometimes open my eyes while I’m asleep. Obviously, this is an extremely weird experience. It tends to happen while I am napping during the day (something I rarely do anyway). When that happens, I can see the waking world—the reality of what is actually around me in addition to the dream that is still playing in my head. Sometimes I see two images at once: the real world and the dream in my mind’s eye. Sometimes the images overlap, and I begin to see my dream play out in the actual real world around me. I’m always paralyzed in these moments—I’ve never been able to move and interact with anything.

Until last night.

While I am asleep last night, I begin to dream of the little house. I’m not dreaming the recurring spirit/shadow dream, like the one from my Hide-and-Seek post. I’m dreaming another recurring story plot that also takes place there. In the dream, the house is FULL of different animals. My two cats are there. Some pets from my past are also there. And there are a ton of other animals that I don’t recognize. The door is left open for a while, and I am very worried about making sure that my cats and animals are still inside. I notice that some animals have run away, but some animals (including my two cats) return and stay at the house. I am sitting on the porch, and new animals begin to arrive. I scoop them up and love them and bring them inside. There is a girl talking to me on the porch outside. I tell her, “Your biggest concern is keeping this door closed!”

Then, in waking life, I sit up in bed.

I have full recollection of this—I remember sitting up, but I just think that I am still dreaming.

I begin to move my bedside table. I’m trying to push it out of the way because I think there is another table behind it. I start loudly saying, “What the f*ck!” I’m getting frustrated that I can’t get to this other table.

Then I suddenly come more to reality, and I realize that I’m not dreaming anymore. I’m moving this stuff in real life.

This morning, when I wake up, half of the things that were on my bedside table are on the floor from me trying to push that table out of the way.

I can’t say exactly why I seem to be progressing towards acting out my dreams in real life…perhaps stress…or some other unknown biological reason. I do know that I plan to keep tracking it to see what shakes. I also plan to track astrological transits during my recorded dreams.

So, for reference, last night the Moon was in Sagittarius. It was transiting through my third house (the house of communication, thinking, siblings, early environment, and general mental operations), and the moon was conjunct my natal Mars and Saturn—these two planets are basically on top of each other in my natal chart. That Mars-Saturn conjunction is not an easy one. I tend to hold myself back when it comes to expressing myself. Maybe that’s a clue for why I was telling the girl on the porch to be concerned with keeping that door closed.

Maybe it’s time to keep that door open.

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