Hush, Hush

Photo Copyright 2015: Christine Bradley

Shadow work is imminent as the veil is thinning and the moon grows full. More poetry from my shadow below…

*Trigger warning*

“Hush, Hush Little Baby”

\n u $ \n, \n u $ \n / _i++/_e |3@|3y.

Sit in your p00l, and drink your +e@.

Careful what you are scrEAming…

Or you’ll wake those who are gnimaerd <–

(@+(h me if you (@n, or better yet…

hide & SEEK

_down_the_long hallway

And into the dark closet…


under the covers, into the bed

\n u $ \n, \n u $ \n / _i++/_e |3@|3y..

Those in the r00m next d00r

will only ?

what’s (inside your head)

So I grow {inside your darkest places}

Like a g h o s t inside the painting

\n u $ \n, \n u $ \n / _i++/_e |3@|3y…

Don’t say a wordwordword

N0 m0re r u  n   n    i     n      g from me

Listen to what I am whispering


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